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End of Year Teacher Appreciation Made Easy

It’s the end of the school year and you want to show your

appreciation to the educator who has helped you care for your child for the last nine months, enter in: the Visa gift card. Don’t stop at $25, don’t insult them with a $10, bust out the full $50, after all you’ve had glimpses of what they’ve had to deal with. Their Keds are covered in the snot and vomit of 25 different children. The least you can do to support their emotional healing over the summer months is to help them to indulge in self care. No more mugs, no more tchotchkes, and heaven forbid another apple knick-knack.

As a teacher, I can tell you that while your teacher will graciously accept any gift you give them, nothing tops the following options:

  1. A genuine letter of thanks. Let them know how they’ve helped your child and how thankful you are. A note written by your child is also a special keepsake that reminds them of why they do what they do, wet shoelaces and all.

  2. For those of us with multiples, a $50 Visa gift card isn’t possible, but purchasing classroom essentials for the following school year can help show you care.

  3. Call the school secretary and donate to their class supply fund. On average, most teachers spend $50+ each month to provide materials for their classroom.

  4. Another teacher favorite includes age appropriate books for their classroom library. Choose one of your favorites, a new best seller, or a book from a recommended reading list.

  5. For those looking to pull out all the stops, ask them what their favorite drink and treats are and bring them with you while you volunteer for one of the many year-end activities.

Teachers dedicate much more than 40 hours a week to their classes. Show them you care by acknowledging their hard work and giving them a nudge towards a care-free summer, or an easy start to the next school year.

Alex is a mother of four and currently teaches STEAM part-time. She is looking forward to the day that she can return to full time teaching!

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