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My Guilty Pleasures After a Hard Day of Parenting

We all have guilty pleasures. It’s just the honest truth. Our guilty pleasures keep us sane. After a hard day of parenting, here are a few things that keep me sane, maybe one of them will resonate with you.

Cheesy Rom-Coms: I’m talking like extremely unlikely to happen in real life, nauseatingly predictable, laugh because they’re ridiculous but also because they’re just so cute rom-coms. Some of my favorites are Sweet Home Alabama, The Proposal, 13 Going on 30, The Wedding Planner, and Letters to Juliet. What was it about the early 2000s and their ability to pump out really great rom-coms?

Rewatching a Favorite Show: Okay this might not initially be considered a guilty pleasure, but does it become a guilty pleasure if I’ve seen the show at least 10 times all the way through and I STILL restart it once a year or randomly put on my favorite episode that I can basically recite every line? (I’m looking at you Gilmore Girls.)

Dance Party: This one might just be a nostalgic guilty pleasure but when I need to dance a little bit to get out my big feelings from the day, I go to music from my high school years. We’re talking Aly & AJ, early Selena Gomez, early Demi Lovato, Hannah Montana (yeah the fictional character, not Miley Cyrus)...basically if they came from Disney Channel between 2010-2014 you can bet I’ll be listening to their music to unwind a bit. Maybe it’s the nostalgia of less responsibility? Who knows?

What are some of your guilty pleasures? Share with us on Instagram at @itav_in_id

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