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One of the Best Things You Can Do for Your Child's Education

Last year was my first year with a child in public school and what started out as my inability to let go, slowly turned into the best decision I could have made for my child and our family: volunteering in my child's classroom. Research shows that parent involvement in schools is one of the most key factors in academic success, even outweighing spending per student. You can read about that here.

Volunteering in your children's classrooms can be so easy! Just email their teacher and tell them what time you have available. I like to also let their teacher know what I would enjoy helping with and what I would rather not do (reading and history are so fun for me, but I can get a little old school on the math concepts). You don't have to volunteer regularly, just when it works for you and your schedule. I promise your teacher will appreciate any amount of time you can give to the classroom.

I love walking into my kid's classroom and watching their face light up! They are so proud and excited to have me there, although I have "embarrassed" them on more than one occasion. Volunteering has allowed me to meet their classmates, learn the dynamics of their class culture, and cultivate a stronger friendship with their teachers. Now when they come home from school and we talk about their day- I know exactly who they're talking about and can take the conversation further than the basic: "how was school?" "good". When I volunteer in their classroom I show my kids that I am invested in their education and I see their own dedication grow.

Every time I volunteer I leave with such a profound appreciation for teachers and all that they do. Navigating the needs of 25+ different students takes so much training, education, and love. I don't know how my kids' teachers do it day in and day out, but I'm so thankful that they do.

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